I love my mom!

30 May

Tonight I had plans to have dinner and go shopping with my mom. My girls (age 3 and 10 months) stayed home with Brian. (thanks honey!) I don’t know the last time my mom and I had time together just to 2 of us. Needless to say, it was long over due. We never left the dinner table to shop. We had so much to catch up with. I dont’ think a day goes by that we don’t talk, but this was different. It was uninterrupted by little voices and we had the time to get deep. I just wanted tell everyone how much I love my mom. She has made more sacrafices for me than I’ll probably ever know. I don’t know if anyoune can relate, but now that I’m a mom too, I understand and appreciate her all the more. I  am so thankful for her and hope that I can be the kind of mom for my girls that she is for me. You’re never too old for your mom. Moms always make things better. I know Mother’s Day was just here, but if you think about it, drop your mom an "I love you just because". Send her a card, email, or phone call. For us moms out there, it is the best words coming from your kids. The other night I was tucking Kiara in and she was doing her usuall routine of procrastinating and asking me for water, "yada, yada" When the last time she says, " yeah, but Mom?" I was tired and ready to ignore her and close the door, but replied,"Yes?" And her sweet little voice responded, "I love you Mom." My heart melted.


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