A little more adventure

19 Jun

All year Kiara has been telling me that she can’t wait to go to Wild Water Adventures,"I’m not scared to go on the big slides anymore because I’m a BIG girl now!" I have been anticipating our adventure as well. We went last week 3 times. Unfortunately, on our first trip out, Kiara decided to go on this Octopus slide by herself. Once she climbed the stairs she looked down and said," I don’t want to anymore." and turned around. A little girl that was also at the top offered to go down with her and  Kiara accepted. I was surprised and nervously waited at the bottom of the slide while holding Melania (10 mo. old). They slid down. Rapidly. Crash. Water went over Kiara’s head. She was completely soaked. She immediately started bawling and then Melania joined her because she saw how scared her sister was. Kiara would not go down anymore slides that day or the next time. And if Melania’s foot even touched the water she would start crying and shaking from fear. This is my water baby! I thought I was in for a long summer.

The next time out I have to admit I became a little pushy. I tried to coax her all day to try. She ended up avoiding me. I made her cry. How sad. I felt like such a lame mom. When she woke up from her nap we had a great heart to heart. I apologized to her for  scaring her.  And we agreed to pray that God would help make her brave and each time we went she would try a little more.

On Saturday Brian went with us. His first time out in probably 15 years. It was the same story until the very end of our day. I bribed her. Or I like to say rewarded her. I told her she could pick any treat if she went down one of the slides I selected. It took her awhile to come around, but she did it. It sounds silly, but it made my day. I was so proud and grinned ear to ear. Melania has come around too. She loved it, kicked her feet and crawled in the water.

Kiara’s wild water adventure…


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