Summer Recap#3 Hawaii Trip

26 Sep

Brian and I went to Hawaii in July with no kids!!!! This was our first big trip together since both girls were born. We had a blast! The girls stayed with Brian’s parents for the week. It was easy to have fun knowing that they were having a great time too and were well taken care of! Thanks Mom and Dad!

Brian’s team from work gave Brian money for us to go horseback riding on the beach in Oahu for his birthday. This was a great gift! this is something I have always wanted to do. A dream come true!



Authentic Maui Barbecue! On our way to the 7 pools, we smelled this delicious Barbecue off the side of the road in someone’s driveway. On the way back we stopped and grabbed some. We just got a Maui’s Hawaiian BBQ in Fresno and love it, but this definitely beat it!


Our good friends Mason and Rhianna were in Maui at the same time as us celebrating their anniversary so we booked our Luau with them. It was so weird to hang out with friends from Fresno while in Hawaii. We had so much fun with them and hung out another night w/them too. We all agreed we should hang out more in our own town together. I am happy to say that since then we have. Love you guys!


We were asked several times if we were on our honeymoon. Each time we laughed and replied that we had been married for 6 years and had two kids. It did feel like a honeymoon though, but better. We are definitely even more in love now.


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