2 Oct


This is what happens when you ask a 3 year old to watch a 1 year old. Kiara and I had just finished decorating a full batch of sugar cookies. I asked Kiara to watch Melania while I took a shower…..Now I take full responsibility for leaving the step ladder out. I completely forgot about it. And you have to know that Melania loves to climb. And what’s better than climbing your way to the top and finding a counter full of frosted, sprinkled cookies. As I am getting out of the shower I can hear Melania whining. I call to Kiara,"Where is your sister?" Her response: "I can’t see her". So I run out to the front of the house and this is what I find. I tried to scold Melania, but I couldn’t hold my laughter. I ran to get my camera to capture the event before I took her down. I just wish I could have seen her in action stuffing 7, (yes 7!), cookies into her mouth as fast as she could before someone would catch her!



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