Happy Birthweek!

28 Oct

Brian asked me what my plans were for the day of my birthday, and I told him I was cleaning house and going to the gym. His response was , ”I guess birthdays are a little different when you’re a grownup!"
but in all reality, I had more than a birthday it was a birthweek! I loved it!

The festivities began Sun. Oct 21st:
we went to Casa Corona with my Dad, Annette, sister, and Brian’s parents (sorry no pics of this – Annette the CD wouldn’t open)

For dinner we went to my mom’s for pizza
Kiara put on a show for us and everyone was included! (I’m trying to figure out how to put the video on my blog)

Mon Oct 22nd:
Min took me out to lunch to Cheesecake and we attempted to shop with our 3 rug rats.
Brian took me out for date night – Yosemite Ranch for dinner and to see the Michael Clayton movie

Tues Oct. 23rd My official bday:
Went to the gym
lunch out w/mom
the best part – Both girls fell asleep on the long drive home for lunch!!!!!! This never happens.
Happy Birthday to me!

That night our little family celebrated by going to ZPizza and Marble Slab
They gave me Betsey Johnson sunglasses and workout clothes!

I had so many wonderful phone calls and people stop by. I felt so loved! Now a couple of important people did forget like Heather (BFF), but that night on my front porch I found this with a bouquet of flowers! And  for those of you who don’t know she lives in Georgia! Needless to say, she made up for it!


Wed. Oct 24th:
We went out to dinner w/ Brian’s family to celebrate Brian’s brother David and my birthday. His birthday is the day before mine. We went out to Famous Dave’s.

and last but not least
Oct. 25th:
Me and 4 of my girlfriends have birthdays in October. So I thought it would be fun to start an annual birthday tradition with them. We all went out to this great restaurant called 5. We drew names for a gift exchange. Our dinner went from 6:30-10pm! The time flew and we laughed our butts off! I love these girls!

What a great week! Can’t wait until next year!


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