Kiara’s Peter Pan Party

18 Nov

So I have a million pictures of this super fun event. Okay, 176 to be exact. When you hand your photographer friend your camera thats what happens! Thanks Kelley! I had a hard time narrowing down which ones to post!

Kiara had her 4th birthday party last Sat. Peter Pan was the theme, (so the boys would want to come). It was really more of a Tinkerbell party. Brian (Captain Hook) greeted each guest at the door. The kids had to walk the plank (a 2×4 laid out on the ground over a blue blanket) to receive their fairy wings or pirate hat. 

Kiara was so cute. She let her friends help open her presents. Every single present she opened, she would call out for the person who gave it to make sure they were watching her open it. She was excited over each and every gift. She let out a little squeal for each one. I even got teased about being so into it. I can’t help it; when my girls are giddy so am I!

My mom made Uncle Dave a Peter Pan costume. He really is believable! I asked his fiance, Jessica if he was okay about dressing up, and she said he was way into it! He even wore tights! Brian and I pulled together some last minute costumes too. I was Princess Tiger Lily, Brian a pirate, and Aunt Marissa was Wendy.









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