Charlie Hall concert

21 Nov

This is for Amanda….(and anyone else who reads it)
2 Sundays ago, we went to Visalia w/the Lebda’s and and Frese’s to see Charlie Hall. The concert was great. For some reason, when we walked in  Charlie was standing right in the door way. I  smiled and waved to him as if I was saying  hi to someone I  knew.  Then I felt kind of silly so I tried to make explain to him that I wasn’t quite sure why I waved to him, and that it must of been because I knew him even though he didn’t know me. Then I thought,"he probably thinks I’m hitting on him." Which I obviously wasn’t. Luckily just then, Brian was walking in. I introduced the 2 of them and offered to take their pic together (which Brian pretended wasn’t his idea!)
The concert was good. He really does live his songs and it comes across. Very inspiring.


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