“Big Girl Bed”

4 Feb

Melania has made the switch from crib to bed. I now she is a little young; she’s 1 1/2 years old. The decision was made due to her learning how to climb the crib by watching Kiara do it frequently. She couldn’t get all the way out, YET. Only a matter of time. She  would stick her leg over the edge hanging from her knee and laugh.

We got the bed from my sister, so this made it a free transition. Even better.
So it’s going better than expected. She sleeps well at night, but the naps are suffering which means MOM  is suffering! Img_1541_2

Today is the 1st day in 2 weeks she took her 2 naps like usual. It’s probably because she’s a little bit sick, but it’s still reason to celebrate!


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