Family Night

10 Mar

Every Wednesday night in our house is now Family Night. We started a few weeks ago an each week has become a little more elaborate. The night is dedicated to spend quality time together doing something fun together as a family. To make it more fun, I have been trying to give each night a theme. So far we’ve done:
Camping night-w/s’mores and a tent of course
Hawaiian night– a Hawaiian flavored meal w/shell decor
Cooking– everyone made their own cal-zone

Last week we did Princess night (Kiara’s special request). You may have read about in on Brian’s blog.
Here are some pictures from our night.
Dsc_0032 The girls and I made royal crowns.



The girls were really excited to eat their Enchanted Unicorn Horns.


Everyone was dressed for the occasion, including me! Kiara let me know that nothing in my closet was going to do. She said none of my clothes look like princess dresses. Thank God! So I pulled out the only thing I knew she’d approve, my wedding dress!

If you have any ideas for future family nights I’d love to hear them!


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