I just wasn’t ready…

1 Apr

I have been a mental case. Today is kindergarten registration. I have all of Kiara’s paperwork ready to go. The weeks leading up to today have caused me grief. The pain in my heart has been building. I walked down the hall to see this picture and started crying.

"What happened to my babies?" And these weren’t pretty tears trickling down my cheek. It was a full on heaving, bawling fest. My next episode was during the finale of Celebrity Apprentice. Trace Adkins sang "You’re gonna miss this" and I lost it again. Not pretty.

Kiara is 4 and her birthday is the end of Nov. She makes the cut off by about a week. She’s been evaluated and she would be fine. But I kept thinking to myself am I just fast forwarding time? So we decided at the last minute to wait till next year. I get one more year with her. I couldn’t give that up. Even though each stage has been great so far, I sometimes wish I could stop time. Do any of you have a hard time with your kids growing up?


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