Who’s Bridget?

8 May

Jack_mystery2_3 Hmmm…..

So I was talking to Heather, and she told me a story that I thought was so funny…
Carlos gave his wife a shout out on his blog, sharing what a creative woman she is. (She is also doing Family Nights once a week.) He received lots of positive comments reaffirming what he shared.

  1. Bridget Says:

    May 2nd, 2008 at 6:00 pm

    Sorry to burst the creative bubble but the creativity credit should go to Jacinda!
    Check it out…

There are a few funny things about this.
1. Heather is my best friend, we share everything; even our family night ideas.
2. As creative as we are, all of our bests are inspired or borrowed from somewhere then slightly tweaked.
3. I have never had "Bridget" comment on my blog before.
4. Bridget’s name seems to be made up and so is her email! I love it!
5. I have only 1 guess as to who this might be. Without telling Brian that, he had the same person in mind.

Bridget, whoever you are, thank you for giving me credit, for reading my blog, for making me laugh, and for making me feel special.
I would love to know who you are! Does your name start with an A?

Any guesses out there? Has anyone else had an anonymous commenter that made you curious?


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