Our 3 Day Weekend: Part 2

28 May

This was part of our Sunday. Then we ran around town and picked up pizza and a movie for our “Partay, Pizza Partay”. That’s just what we sing to the kids to make it seem more exciting than it really is because of our pure exhaustion.

Monday was our 7 year anniversary. Brian went to the gym early while I stayed in bed as long as possible. He brought me tulips, a card, and picked up breakfast. (We’re celebrating next weekend in Manhattan Beach. no kids, yeah can’t wait!)

After moving slow, we all got ready and headed to the Zoo.
Can you believe everyone’s looking at the camera, and on the 1st shot!

We brought the stroller but only used it to carry our stuff. Melania
got to walk the whole time. Any time I asked her if she wanted a ride,
she would start running. (Which is a very cute sight, since she rotates
her waist from side to side and her legs flare out) She was loving her

Then we had the grandparents over for dinner and a game of Guesstures.

Kiara insisted she make the grandmas special crowns to wear for the evening. Think my themes are rubbing off on her?
How did you spend your 3 day weekend???


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