New Found Fear

29 May

In the past few weeks, I have witnessed Kiara have a deathly fear of bugs. It is really so strange. Not that she ever had shown a love for them before, she now will come to me screaming if she sees one.

1st incident: at a friends house, Kiara comes to me telling me that there are ants all over their bathroom. So I ask, “Is there just a couple or a whole bunch?” She tells me there is a whole bunch. So I walk back with her to protect her. “Baby there are only a few, they won’t hurt you.” So I kill the ones I see and tell her to get on the toilet before she has an accident. (She was doing the peepee dance). She starts totally wigging out like a crazy person! Apparently I didn’t get them all. I tell her, “only red ants bite.”

Incident #2: I’m in the shower one morning and Kiara comes in bawling because there is a “HUGE Spider” in her bed. I felt bad for her. I mean if I woke up to a spider crawling next to me, I would be a little freaked out too. I go into her room to investigate to find her bed is already made and a teeny, tiny bug whose just made it off her bed onto the floor.

Incident #3: We are walking outside to get into the car to go home. I’m holding Melania so she doesn’t run away and have my arms full of stuff. All of a sudden Kiara is panicking because there are ants on the ground. Of course there are ants on the ground. She refuses to walk and jumps/climbs up me to carry her. I mean really? I tell her, “You are so much bigger than those bugs. They’re scared of you.”

She is consumed and talks about it frequently. How do you get rid of your child’s fears? Please tell me this is just a stage. Any random fears of yours or your kids?


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