Bad Parenting

6 Jun

So, I was talking on the phone to my friend Mamie. I had just told all my stories and it was finally her turn to share. I am trying to be an attentive listener, but am competing with a screaming child. (disclaimer: not crying, ear piercing screaming). I could tell the scream was just a pissed off scream by Melania, so I tried to ignore it. I am pressing my ear to the phone, as if it would help. The scream continues. I finally look up to see what is going on. Kiara has obviously made Melania mad, and she is letting her know it. Then Kiara starts yelling at Melania, “Stop screaming!” This does not get her to stop of course. All of a sudden Kiara looks at her and slaps Melania’s hand. Our gaze instantly meets. She knows she’s busted. Without warning, I walk over with the phone tucked under my chin, and spank Kiara with my left hand, and Melania with my right. They look at each other with disbelief. A unison “Waaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!”

Then I run away as fast as I can to the back of the house and shut myself in the bathroom. Mamie: “Wow, they’re both crying at the same time?!” Yeah, cause I spanked them at the same time. The kids come running after me, banging on the bathroom door. I’m still trying to hear the end of Mamie’s story. One by one they come in heartbroken. I shoo them out and tell them I’ll deal with them in a minute. Which makes them both cry harder. DRAMA! “Okay, Mamie, I better go.”

They are rarely spanked, and it definitely got their attention. The 3 of us had our talk. I let them tell their side and then ask them to tell me why they got in trouble. They exchanged sorrys (Melania’s sorry is a sweet “sowee”) and kissed and hugged. BFF”s once again! How’s that for parenting?


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