I think there’s something wrong with me!

18 Jun

My life has been a whirlwind ever since we got back from our trip late on Friday night. I worked early on Saturday, had church, 2 father’s day events, Brian’s birthday, not to mention shopping for gifts, groceries, and unpacking, laundry, and cleaning. Needles to say, I have not been resting.

So yesterday the plan was to unpack the girls suitcases and put ALL the laundry away. (My #1 least favorite chore) The girls’ closets and rooms have been calling my name for awhile in need of some major re-hauling. I feel like I have clothes and toys coming out my ears! Also, I’ve had in my mind that eventually I want them to share a room. So what do you think I did?

30 minutes before we were leaving for Brian’s birthday dinner, I decide to move out Kiara’s dresser and move in Melania’s bed. There was no real plan. Their comforters don’t match. For anyone who knows me, that would be a major problem for me. Brian thinks I’m nuts! But really, c’mon, he know me. When I get something in my head there’s no stopping me. So I’ve created a huger mess than I began with. Like I needed something else to do.


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