New Territory

29 Jun


So this is an unusual post for me.
I have gone to the same church for 18 years. We led worship in the
college department for about 10 of those years. Once Melania was born,
we felt the pull to be home more with our family.

Since then, we have had a very hard time finding our niche. Brian and I are really all or nothing people. We do it all the way or not at all. So, the last couple of years we have struggled with where our family is supposed to be. We want to be involved. We want community and worship. We want to be somewhere we are proud to invite someone to.

So last week we went to a new church. It was such a strange experience. Not that the church was strange, but it was so weird to be a visitor and not a leader. No one knew who we were, or whether or not we were even Christians. We met very nice people. But it was an emotional day for me. I doubted God. Does he have a place for us? Are our expectations of church too high?

Today we went somewhere new again. Faith was restored. I know it shouldn’t be by circumstance alone, but I prayed that God would give us a glimpse of hope and He did. I don’t know if this is where we will end up, but the whole experience was fantastic. I even called Heather on the way home to tell her about it; which is out of proto-call. (We never talk on Sundays.)

If you pray, please pray for us on this new journey. What is your story? Do you go to church? Have you ever switched churches?


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