The Big Surprise!

23 Jul

So I’ve been crazy busy, but I couldn’t give all the details away. I’ve also been frantically packing because Carlos bought me a plane ticket to surprise Heather for her birthday! How awesome is that?! I left straight after my dad’s 50th party. I talked to her yesterday and we agreed that we would catch up today on months worth of conversations since we’ve been hit and miss lately. Little did she know that it would be in person! Carlos picked me up and we headed over for a rental car. The plan was he would go in ahead, somehow convince her to go upstairs and then text me that the coast was clear. My heart pounded while I waited. My phone vibrates with a text from Carlos ,”She thinks I want sex!” I die laughing. Then 30 seconds later another text, “Now!” I run up the driveway as fast as I can and go into the house and wait on the couch. I wonder what they are doing while I wait. 🙂 She comes down and sees me in her living room almost as if she expected me. She had been secretly hoping that Carlos would have this up his sleeve. The only thing keeping her from catching on was that I was throwing a party for my dad last night. And when he drove up earlier, I wasn’t in the car.
I am so excited to be here with my friend! We have already laughed and cried and gone on a 4 mile run. I am here for 5 days! Yah! (We took video of the whole surprise, look for it on Carlos’ blog)


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