My dad’s 50th birthday

25 Jul

The party was great. We had his favorite “rock tunes were blasting.
Way too loud for the average person, but just the way he likes it!

Me and my dad

Pictures from his childhood up were displayed.

He got an itunes gift card to go along with the ipod. When he was asked if he knew what the gift card was for, he answered, “Yeah, it’s where you go to Best Buy to get records.” I actually thought he was teasing, but he was dead serious. We all busted up!

The fam
Dad with all the grandkids. I love this picture!

We made a book for him with pictures and letters from each of  us. He tried to get away with reading it to himself, but I convinced him read it aloud. He had to stop often. I’m not sure there was a dry eye. At one point he had to get up and leave the room, trying to regain composure. I know it struck a chord. I hoped this night would show my dad how each of us valued him and how we loved him. I think that was the result. Great night for a great dad!


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