My ATL Trip Recap

31 Jul

My special visitor welcoming me to the South! I jumped so high and screamed like a girl!

Shopping with H for the day by ourselves! Too bad our fams got hooked up! We each bought 1thing for ourselves and the rest for them! We did some major bargain shopping. Some of my best deals: the cutest dress for Kiara for $2.99 and super cute pewter flats for $2.50!  I love great deals!

Carlos did a mini photo shoot of us. Thank God, cause I really only have fat pictures of us together (before we realized we needed a major re-haul). So I can actually put some up! Yeah!

Lunch with Eric, Angela and kids. This really put Brian over the  edge. He was already jealous, and then I got to see them too!

baking with Seanna  & praparing family night with H

Carlos, Heather, and I left the kids and went out one night. Super fun. The only thing missing was Brian! We went to this really nice restaurant and shared these tasty mini desserts.

My last day I asked the girls if there was anything else  I should do before I went home. This was their idea! I had such a great trip. I love the Whittakers like my own family. Thank you Carlos for making Me Heather’s Big birthday gift!


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