20 Questions I’m asking myself…

1 Oct

So one of my blog friends did this, and posted that she wanted my responses as well…

1. When you looked at yourself in the mirror today, what was the first thing you thought?

Do I look pregnant yet or just fat?

2. How much cash do you have on you?

I think $10 maybe

3. Favorite Planet

Earth I guess

4. Who told you they loved you last?


6. Where did you live in 1987

Meadow Vista, CA (It’s near Auburn)

7. Your first love: Whats the last thing you heard about him/her?

8. What is, in your opinion, the worst song ever?

9. What are you allergic to?

Pets, mold

10. When was the last time you laughed so hard you cried?

It’s been awhile, not sure

11. Do you eat sushi?

Nope. But I haven’t tried any good ones. My assumption is that I won’t like it.

12. Jack Bauer or Sawyer?

Neither, although I love Jack’s character

13. City, Beach or Country?

Beach. Any day. Any time. All the time. (I stole your answer because your words were perfect!)

14. Last Song listened to?

15. Specialty Dish?

16. Where were you born?


17. You have one day to spend however you like, what do you do?

18. What makes you cry?

More things than usual since i’m prego. Biggest Loser tears me up every week

19. Best Ice Cream Flavor?

I LOVE ice cream. Hmmm…probably rocky road

20. Favorite Smell?

hot apple cider cooking on the stove, fresh baked cookies, fall, Christmas


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