Birthday Month

20 Oct

So I know I’m supposed to be a grown up, but I still like having a birthday. Maybe it’s because I’m still in my 20’s. I say that to bug all my close friends who recently have stepped into the next decade. You know who you are! Anyways, I love stretching it out for as long as possible.
I started celebrating on Oct. 13th.

This is my birthday club. Mamie, me, Mignon, Nina, and Shelly. We all have birthdays that fall in October, so we decide to celebrated them together. This was our 2nd annual dinner. Went to Max’s, wore makeup and dressed up with no kids. How could we not have fun!

Tonight we went to Cabo Wabo for dinner to celebrate Dave (my brother in law) and my birthday which are a day apart. Very fun restaurant. We shared multiple desserts, since we couldn’t decide and passed them around. Thanks for dinner Mom and Dad! (I am so shocked that both my girls are smiling for the camera!)
More to come on the bday this week. I love it! What do you like doing for your birthday? Or do you even like celebrating it?


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