Back To Georgia!

8 Nov

This is how it went down…
Liege sends me a text: Chad thinks you and I should go to Georgia for Heather’s Blog party. What do you think?
Brian sitting next to me in the car. JEALOUS
: No way. You’re not going again with out me.
Me: Well I’m obviously not really going.
My text back: God’s will, God’s bill!
Liege: We have tons of air miles we can use. Want to go?
(Brian’s getting hot now.)
Me: Thank you so much, but I can’t use up your miles. I would be fun though.
With every text beep my phone makes, Brian shoots me dirty looks
Liege: I have so many miles we could go to Brazil and back and still have more miles left over. So you want to go? What’s the date?

So, we’re here! I have been having the best time hearing Liege’s life stories and growing our friendship. Makenna was a perfect angel on the plane and the whole trip thus far. and I have claimed my usual spot to sleep, so Carlos gets booted out of his bed!


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