The Perfect Accountability Partner

18 Dec

So, my last weigh in at my Doctor’s was not a pretty one. (I’m 6 mos. pregnant for anyone not aware)  I knew it was coming and was dreading it. My doctor, being the genius that he is, decided to call in some reinforcement.
Dr:”Kiara, i have a special job for you. (Her eyes lit up!) I need you to help mommy to not eat any candy, cookies, pastries, chocolate, or any other treats. Can you help her with that?”

Of course she agreed. She called Brian to tell him as soon as we got in the car. She told Grandma at lunch about her special job too.
Nap time came around and I was craving something sweet. I found my mom’s stash of chocolate and pulled out a mini twix. Not the snack size, but the bite size. (Like my justification?) Anyways. I let it sit in my pocket contemplating if I should eat it or not. The guilt got to me so I put it back. About 30 minutes later, Kiara gets up from her bed and askes me, “Mommy, did you eat a cookie when I was in my bed?”
“Well I thought I heard a noise when I was in my bed.”
“No, I promise I didn’t eat a cookie.”
“I heard beeping like the oven makes. Did you bake a cookie and eat it?”
“Oh, the beeping was from the dryer finishing. I didn’t make or eat any cookies. Promise.”
“Oh. Okay. I thought maybe you forgot that you weren’t supposed to have any treats.”
“No, I didn’t forget. I did almost eat a teeny, tiny piece of candy, but then I felt bad, so I put it back.”

So seriously. This is changing everything! I normally try to eat healthy, but if I fudge here and there, no big deal right? Well, now it’s more than self indulgences. It’s my word, my integrity, my self discipline or lack there of that I am teaching my daughter.

Props to Dr. S. I don’t think he knew what child he was giving this job to, or mabe he did!


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