If You Don’t Have Something Nice To Say…..

27 Dec

…then don’t say anything at all!
I’m just wondering why people seem to think they have the right to verbally critique your body when they see you are pregnant. Didn’t anyone teach them the saying? You wouldn’t walk up to someone you don’t know and start questioning their weight and how they carry it if they weren’t pregnant right?! So what triggers the brain to think its okay to just because they are carrying a baby? I mean c’mon, a pregnant woman is more likely to be hurt and offended with all those hormones raging!

Within 2 days, I had one family member let me know how Big I was for how far along I was. And then a coworker, (whom I have no relationship with) critique if I was having a boy/girl based on how I was carrying and I must be a havein a — because of how wide I was! Of course, now that I have had more time to process, I think of what else I could have said. But I did say something. To the family member I said, “Every time I see you, you tell me how big I am!” She quickly changed her tune and tried back peddaling. And to the coworker I said something similar, she still didnt get it! Both parties were not first time offenses!

I am on a rant for all the awful stories I’ve heard from close friends who instead of having a good comeback, just stand there dumbstruck from the critisism recieved. My warning to anyone who aproaches me with this “honesty” is Watch Out! I’m done being polite. This is my 3rd pregnancy with the same types of frustrating people and I have had it! I will let you know how offensive it is to hopelfully protect the next pregnant victim of your inconsideracy.  Advice: If what you’re going to say to a prego isn’t in compliment form then refrain!

So do tell. What are the great body image insults you have heard?
And please any good comebacks out there for future commenters?


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