3 Jan

I was feeling nostalgic on Friday morning and thought I would share a favorite childhood dish with my girls. I have fond memories of my mom making hot custard for me in the morning for breakfast. I loved it so much and could not wait for it to cool and usually burnt my tongue. Anyways, I couldn’t wait to surprise them with it. Unfortunately, Kiara the picky one, took one bite and said she didn’t like it. And Melania, who normally eats anything wouldn’t even try it. “I no like it.” she tells me. So I ate 2. I sent some with Brian to work too. Later that day, I asked him if he would be hungry if I made dinner, and his reply was as long as it wasn’t custard! The funny thing is it tasted okay, but not at all like I remembered it. So have my taste buds changed or was it just special because my mom made it special?


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