Ratio 10:11

15 Jan

On Monday night we had a full house new friends of the Whittaker’s. I had met Stephanie and Melissa from my last trip but was able to meet their husbands and families this time and Janet and Jesse.

That’s 10 kids to 11 adults. This is pretty normal for us now when we
hang out with most of our friends, as each of our families are growing.
We’re getting used to being out numbered. We’re embracing chaos.

And what party would be complete without puke and poop? The adults were visiting in the front room as Melania came in. Blaaaahhhhhhh. She puked everywhere. Great first impression. So I confined her to the downstairs with a floor bed and movie. Then, after dinner, all the big girls come downstairs screaming about poop and Losiah. Apparently, he decided to take off his diaper and take an enormous dump in the midst of every toy they owned out of the floor. Nasty!
Which then started the debate of which was worse poop or puke. Toss up for me.


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