Let the Potty Begin #2

27 Jan

My day yesterday…
7:15am put on the Sleeping “Duty” panties

7:15-9am Every 5 minutes or so, we ran to the potty (Every time we got off the potty, she walked over behind the door and quietly peed on the floor.)

9am The bathroom was grossing me out. It smelled like stinky booty and urine. So, I threw both the girls in the bath, scrubbed it thoroughly, and lit a candle. Ahh, much better!

9:30am Sat Melania on the potty for about 30-45 minutes, played princesses, read books, sang songs, Still no potty. As soon as she got down, The pee pee came! Of course it did!

10:30am 4 pairs of panties later, not once making it in the toilet, and I’m desperately wanting to give up. “I’m too weak!” was all I could think.I call Brian at work and leave him a message to come home for lunch.

10:45am Pee pee in the potty! We called daddy back to give him the news . Let the potty party begin! We had chocolate, noise makers and puppy stickers.

11:30-12:45pm lunch and more accidents

1:00-3:30pm No accidents. Pull ups to the rescue! Nap time! I called a couple of girlfriends for moral support.

3:30-4:45pm Let the girls watch TV, with a timer going off every 5 minutes for potty breaks. No success.

4:45pm Pee pee in the potty!!!!! Another celebration!

Melania got the rest of the night off wearing pull ups since Brian’s parents watched the kids. So I got the night of too!

I was a real treat. I think it might have been the longest day in my life! We’ll see what the next day brings.  I really don’t want to buy diapers for her AND #3. No thank you! I have 8 weeks till she arrives. (Please don’t let this process take that long Lord!) I’m just telling myself, the sacrifice will be worth it.

So, please give your potty stories and all advice is welcome!


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