Let the Potty Begin #6 (this may be the best post yet!)

10 Mar

A couple of weeks ago…

I had a few hours with Melania so we went and picked up her best friend Jack and headed to the park. We did pee pee on the toilet at their house before the park, but shortly after we got there she told me she had to go. Problem being, there are no bathrooms. So, I picked her up and did the “side of the road squat” thing and sure enough out came the pee pee. Luckily Jack’s mom packed wipes and diapers for him, so I had something to clean her up with.

A few minutes later, she frantically says “I have to go potty!” This made me a little nervous. I tell her, okay, let’s go again, but NO poo poo! If you need to go poo poo, we need to go home. “No poo poo mommy”, she says as I am holding her and poop is coming out quickly on the grass. Jack is staring in amazement. Melania is arching back to see what is coming out. I am so grossed out! My daughter is pooping at the park on the grass! Nasty! But I’m trying not to make it a big deal. I mean at least she’s not going in her underwear and there’s no one else at the park. I clean her up and wonder what I’m supposed to do with the poop on the grass. I mean aren’t wou supposed to clean up after you dog if it goes in public? I think human poop might be worse, at least this one was! I did what I could with wipes. Luckily for you, I didn’t have my camera!


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