St. Patrick’s Family Night

12 Mar

Our festivities began with the girls making our rainbow cake. Look it up to get the instructions. Heather shared it with me since we were both doing the same theme.

During Melania’s nap, Kiara and I made our centerpiece.  A tissue paper rainbow with cotton ball clouds.

We fed our leprechauns loaded baked potatoes with asparagus and a rainbow of fruit.

We played a good ol’ fashioned game of Hot Potato to some Irish Jig music.

Melania didn’t seem to grasp the concept of the game, or maybe she did and just wanted to drive her sister crazy! Every time she got the potato, she’d hold onto it for a while instead of quickly throwing it. That look in her eye makes me think she did get it!

She did finally throw it.

I guess someone is bound to get hurt when you’re chucking a hard potato at each other!

Here’s how our rainbow cake turned out. It was the first time I tried making a cake with soda. And it was really good. We added whipped cream and marshmallows for clouds.

Isn’t that cool looking? I think it’d be great for a birthday cake.


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