“Special Delivery” Family Night

29 Mar

I planned ahead for the next few Family Nights, knowing I may be out of commission with a newborn.
This night was made possible by borrowing.

Here’s our little mailmen.
I was so excited to see this mail box sitting in Kiara’s classroom a couple of weeks ago. I asked if we could use it when they were done with it. Their mail man outfits were blue shirts and pants, we also borrowed from a friend with boys. I printed out USPS logos and double stick taped them to their shirts and hats. I think it turned out so cute!

We wrote letters,
mailed letters,

and recieved letters and packages.
I left these packages on the front porch and rang the doorbell, shouting “Special Delivery!” The girls were so excited to find these. And Kiara shouted that this was her favorite family night ever. (I think she says that every time!) I had recently purchased Easter dresses for them and thought it would be more fun to give them this way.

We finished the night with Rice Krispie Treats that looked like mail and a game of “Mailman Charades”.
How to play: At your turn, the mailman would deliver a letter to you, an envelope that had a picture of a character in it. Then you act it out while everyone guesses who you are.
This was one of the simplest nights and super fun!


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