Back on Radar

22 Apr

Vienna is doing great. She’s 5 weeks old. Already up to 8lbs 7oz as of Friday. She sleeps great most nights. On good nights only waking up once. Her cheeks are starting to fill out, which I love. I am constantly munching on them. She is a really happy baby. Can sleep through anything. We’ve taken her to a concert and her sisters can be screaming at the top of their lungs next to her, and she’ll keep snoozing.

Melania is my Sassy and Sweetie. She really loves her new sister. She has to know where Vienna is at all times. She steals her paci’s. (Yes she’s still obsessed with them and hasn’t had one of her own since last summer) She loves playing with all the baby gadgets, swing, car seat, and bassinet. These are her new toys. She’s still doing great with her potty training. She’s needed a little extra love, but we’ve had some really great bonding time together.

We registered Kiara for kindergarten last week. Brian bought her the school tshirt and she’s worn it almost everyday. She couldn’t be more excited. It’s all she’s been talking about. Kiara is a little mommy. It’s hard for her to share Vienna even with me. It’s so nice having her help.


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