Dating My Daughter

4 May

Kiara had this great idea that the 2 of us should go on a date to the mall to spend some time together and she would by me a mother’s day gift. We had the best time! First we went to Sephora and put on lip gloss and eyeshadow. She put mine on for me. I got Starbucks and she got a Strawberry Julius.
She planned out our day which included photo booth pictures. Then she played on the playground and in the fountain. By the time we were done with “her” things. She was rethinking buying me a present because then she probably wouldn’t have enough $ to buy a toy. Logical. She did end up changing her mind, so we went to Sees and got her a lollipop to suck on while I shopped at Forver 21. She helped me pick out a cute necklace with a locket using her own money.
Last we went to the Disney store and she ended up having enough money left to buy an Ariel bach ball. When we got to the register, it was on sale. I had about a dollar of store credit I was putting toward it. Kiara was getting her money out while the cashier gave us our total, and he said we had $3.68 left on  the card. Ican’t tell you how excited Kiara was! Free ball!

How did your parents spend quality time with you? How do you make time for your kids individually? Just curious.


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