Hi-Jacked post

16 Feb

hey guys, it’s brian. I’ve hi-jacked jacinda’s blog to let you know what I’ve been doing. last year, as part of our budget makeover, we switched from our TypePad (which was a pay-for blog) to WordPress (which is free). What we didn’t know is that all of our pictures were being stored by TypePad. So, as soon as we cancelled it, our pictures from all of our old posts didn’t work.

This was a huge bummer and the source of much sadness for Jacinda. Although, we can’t get all those pictures back, I’ve been secretly trying to rebuild her blog. It was going to be a valentine’s day present (and still is) but I’ve already put about 20 hours of work into it (lunches, at night, days off while kids were sleeping) and I’m not done.

But, I will finish. So, Jacinda… I love you and I love the way you create so many memories for our family that are worth blogging about. I hope that with the restoration of all your old posts, you’ll feel free to create more.

Love you,



One Response to “Hi-Jacked post”

  1. Carla Wooden June 14, 2010 at 12:02 am #

    My 4 yr old daughter is wanting a puppy paw-ty herself!! I was just surfing looking for ideas and stumbled upon your site! I would love to hear more about the games you played with the kids. We will be having the party at the park. Her birthday is July 2nd and I need to get it together soon, and as simple as possible for me because her new baby sister is only 3 months old!! I dont have a whole lot of time on my hands any more!! Any advice would be great!! =) Thanks in advance!!

    Carla Wooden

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