DIY Back To School T-shirts

23 Aug

Notebook Paper T-shirts

This is an idea I found, loved, and tweaked bit for my taste from here

 Start with a plain white t-shirt. I used a Target boys undershirt. I cut at the neck around the existing neckline to girl it up a bit. (optional)

 Then using my yardstick and some sharpies, I made a horizontal red line on the left hand side of shirt. Then I made vertical lines from top to bottom in blue to look like notebook paper. (dont forget to put a piece of cardboard on the inside of the shirt to avoid bleeding through)

 Then I gave my girls a variety of colors in sharpies and let them go to town.

 and viola, there you have it!

 They turned out really cute and they had fun creating their own look. It was easy for me to let them loose, since it was a doodling kind of project. (a helpful hint: do not use fine point sharpies. they do hold up in the wash. The regular point looks great)


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