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Flamingo Birthday Party

16 Aug

Melania’s 6th Birthday. Inspiration: hot pink, feathers, and flamingos.

 The invites- made with a flamingo stamp and a hot pink feather

 The food was easy. Grape skewers & shrimp cocktail.

 hot pink, mini cupcakes with feathers

 Shave ice

 Canon ball!

 The party crew.

 The flamingo piñata. Yes, I did make this.  🙂 Post to follow

 Everyone got a turn, youngest to oldest.

 Once the string broke, the big kids got what was left of my hard work, pitched to them. They loved it!


 Party bags to collect their treasure.

 Make a wish!


Back to School Family Night 2011

31 Aug

 Our annual Back to school Family Night. The girls decorated their binder paper T shirts and ate packed lunches for dinner.

 We gave them each a bag to do their back to school shopping. (in our Living Room)

 Filling their bags with cute new things is such a blast.

 Especially when it was something they saw in a store and had begged for. Surprise!

 some new shoes

 One benefit of shopping this way, is you we get the deals all year and pack them away for our special night. My mom, otherwise known as Maama, provides a large quantity of back to school items. I have told her many times that she has a problem. But, I am happy to benefit from her issues of over buying 🙂

 There were many poses

 the night was ended with homework and brownies.

My Sister’s Baby Shower

10 May

My little sister, Marissa is having a baby! So I jumped at the chance to throw her a shower.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get photos of everyone who pulled this day off. I was overwhelmed by the hard work so many were willing to do for the love of my sister. These are some of the amazing people that worked their butts off to make my crazy ideas happen! Susie Q, Leata, our mom, and Lorraine.

My BFF who also did a TON behind the scenes with me. How hot is she?!

Some of the details…

Everything on the menu was tiny. Baby burgers, baked mac & cheese in baby food jars, veggie cups, guacamole bruschetta

And some tiny, sweet treats too. Mini lemon cupcakes, Snickerdoodles, baby strawberry shortcake, and vanilla bean ice cream cups

I love you sis and can’t wait to be an Auntie to your sweet little baby!

Minnie Mouse Birthday Party

23 Mar

Vienna turned 2!

She is in love with Minnie, so there was really no other option for her party theme. Here are the invites

Each child received minnie or mickey ears to wear.

The kids colored Minnie pictures.

We served waffles, sausage, tater tots and berry cups. And my mom still had that Mickey waffle iron after all these years! I found a tasty way to make egg/dairy free waffles, that everyone would want to eat. And made way too many, my freezer is packed!

The bean bag toss

Vienna did more of a drop in than a toss.

Here are some other minnie details…

Thanks for the board inspiration H! wish you were there!

It was such a fun and simple party

I love you Vienna! Can’t believe you’re 2!

Halloween 2010

3 Nov

Every Halloween we go to the Smith’s and trick or treat with all or kiddos. Its always a blast.

Minnie Mouse. She can say it too. I need to record that. She was very proud of those ears and wore them the whole time.

Our little kitty. Which if you know her, this is the perfect costume for her. Everyday she says,”Lets play kitties!” My mom did an amazing job making her furry costume.

The librarian. All her own idea. Just had to come up with what a librarian would look like. I think she’s pretty cute! Did you dress up or do you leave that for the kids?

Arty Birthday Party

22 Sep

For Melania’s 4th birthday we threw her an Arty Birthday Party.

These water color paints were the invites. Stamps and mailing address labels were on the back.

At the start of the party, the kids made labels for their water and then chose what color they wanted it to become.

We painted marshmallows

They painted their initial and we attached it  to a clothespin to display their work.

The cupcake palette

the look on Heather’s face says it all! I had this “grand idea” of hanging cupcakes from palette  I made out of cardboard. And while we tried to attach them, we were getting comments from the “peanut gallery” that we couldn’t do it. We proved them wrong and it turned out cute!

The group masterpiece started out calm….

And then went to this

and this.

You know its a good party when you have to hose off!

The decor was easy, kids artwork hung throughout the yard

the thank you’s (pretzel crayons)

I think this was my favorite party! Great friends and fun. (Plus my BFF Heather and fam from Georgia!)

Melania’s Puppy Paw-ty

5 Aug

Saturday we celebrated Melania’s 3rd birthday.

dog house sugar cookies

hot pink fire hydrants

Chocolate dipped dog bones

We held dog training and had a puppy obstacle course. Daniel took my game ideas to a whole new level. The kids had a blast pretending to be puppies.

The pups played fetch and got Scooby Snacks for participating.
the party favors

Kiara painted this dog house for her gift

She had such a great time. I can’t believe she’s 3!