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Our First Triathlon

4 Apr

We did the sprint distance “Vi Tri” in Visalia. Its something the 2 of us have talked about doing for 3-4 years now, and we did it!

Its something the 2 of us have talked about doing for 3-4 years now, and we did it!

Here’s Brian setting up our transition area

The swim was rough. I got into a super slow, overcrowded lane, so it was hard to pass. When I got on the bike I kept thinking, “just pass anyone you come up to.”

The girls started about 10min after the guys. Brian and I passed each other twice during the event and cheered each other on. It was so awesome to see my studly husband doing something he has always wanted to accomplish.

Yay, I did it!

And then the most shocking thing happened. They were announcing who got what place by age and long/short race. We stayed, wanting to be a part of the experience, and see who the winners were.

When I hear on the speaker,”Jacinda Hale”. Huh, What?! So I go up to see what happened. And they tell me I got 1st place in my age group!!!

I was pumped! Got 10th place overall in the girls division out of 56.

It was an amazing experience. I LOVED doing this with Brian. Im so glad I did it, and cant wait to do it again! If you’re even considering it, DO IT! It’s such a great culture. Everyone is so encouraging and warm.

Who of you have tried a triathlon or plan to? Or another physical event? Would love to hear about it.


I love my husband!

4 Aug

DSC_0131_2 I just want to give a shout out to my man. He loves me in the way that every woman dreams of being loved. He loves his children with such passion that they will never expect any different. He automatically raises their standard of what love is by who he is to them. I am constantly amazed by him. Of course he’s not perfect, but even in his imperfections he has integrity. I always know what he says and does are the same. Thank you for being mine! How blessed am I to be with you?! I’m not sure why God decided to make you for me, but
I’m thrilled about it. I will follow you wherever you go. Even if it means living in a cardboard box.
If you haven’t read his post about Melania’s birthday, check it out here. He was able to express what I feel and you’ll better understand what I’m saying.
Sorry if this is too sappy for some of you, but I want everyone to know!

My little sister’s engaged!

18 Feb




It happened on February 14th. Valentine’s Day. I’m proud to say I knew first. Pete called me the day before to get my Dad’s phone # "to ask him about his solar panels". Yeah right! I was not buying it! He took her to the place they shared their first kiss and asked her for her hand. I am so excited for them both! Let the planning begin!