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Wish Me Luck… Update

23 Aug

The interview went great. I have to say, I think interviewing is easier now, than 8 years ago. I think my confidence level has changed so much since then. I am less worried about fitting a certain mold or trying to be what I think they want. I’m just Me. Social and interested in what they have to say. Try to be interested in them. So I got the job. Then on the way home I received a phone call from someone offering me a different job (full time) and wants me to start the beginning of September. God is so awesome. I haven’t even made a resume and the job market isn’t so great right now with the economy. He always provides!


Wish Me Luck!

22 Aug

Kiara took this picture of me before we left before my big moment. Today is my first interview in about 8 years. I haven’t been in the work force since before Kiara was born. I didn’t know what to wear. Luckily, this is not a office environment
so I can dress a little more trendy. I have no “officey” attire left in
my wardrobe. It has all been given away. I have little butterflies, but I know it will be fine. It feels so strange being back in this life stage. I will update on how it all goes….

What I’ve been doing instead of blogging….

20 Jul

Too busy to blog. I have been working on Michelene’s daughter’s flower girl/ tutus dresses. They are halter tutu dresses. I am really excited about how they are turning out. The girls came by today for a fitting and they looked so adorable! Her kids are so cute! Just finishing up the final details. I’ll post more pictures when they are finished.

Also, planning my dad’s 50th birthday party on Tuesday. Collaborating with all my family to make it a special night for him. Tomorrow, of to the gym, then Wild Water, then working on my dad’s gift w/my sister during the girl’s nap, then finishing the tutus. Tuesday’s the party day. So cleaning, decorating, food, party. Wednesday- gym and then I’m taking a break!
What have you all been doing?

Me Time

24 May

I love going to the salon. It’s just under 2 hours to myself. No kids, no rushing, no kids. It’s all about reading magazines, getting my scalp massaged, and just being quiet. I probably love it more since I space my appointments out further than I should. But I think the results are far more dramatic. Go in looking wrong, come out with no roots showing and with a style so cute you could never do. What is your ideal “me time”?