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Our First Triathlon

4 Apr

We did the sprint distance “Vi Tri” in Visalia. Its something the 2 of us have talked about doing for 3-4 years now, and we did it!

Its something the 2 of us have talked about doing for 3-4 years now, and we did it!

Here’s Brian setting up our transition area

The swim was rough. I got into a super slow, overcrowded lane, so it was hard to pass. When I got on the bike I kept thinking, “just pass anyone you come up to.”

The girls started about 10min after the guys. Brian and I passed each other twice during the event and cheered each other on. It was so awesome to see my studly husband doing something he has always wanted to accomplish.

Yay, I did it!

And then the most shocking thing happened. They were announcing who got what place by age and long/short race. We stayed, wanting to be a part of the experience, and see who the winners were.

When I hear on the speaker,”Jacinda Hale”. Huh, What?! So I go up to see what happened. And they tell me I got 1st place in my age group!!!

I was pumped! Got 10th place overall in the girls division out of 56.

It was an amazing experience. I LOVED doing this with Brian. Im so glad I did it, and cant wait to do it again! If you’re even considering it, DO IT! It’s such a great culture. Everyone is so encouraging and warm.

Who of you have tried a triathlon or plan to? Or another physical event? Would love to hear about it.


Last Tball game

22 May

Kiara, Austin, and Ethan. It was so hot they didn’t even care about their

Look how red Melania’s cheeks are!

A picture with her coach. Brian asked Kiara after the game if she liked playing tball. “Not really much. But I like it, but not really.”
So I’m thinking we’ll try dance…

T Ball Without a Coach

20 Apr

Kiara’s been playing t ball for the last couple of weeks and Brian
is the coach. This week Brian played hookie and went golfing with
some friends. (It was planned awhile back) and he got another dad
to fill in for him. I got there a couple minutes late with the girls,
and our replacement wasn’t there. He never came during the game,
which parents were mad thinking that Brian just didn’t show up.  Oh well.
So we played without one.

Kiara pulled out her family help in the outfield.
Img_2016 Img_2022

One of the best parts is every position runs/tackles for the ball.

The replacement coach showed up as the last runner came in.
He got the times wrong. Oops.